Most international students need a minimum of 2 years to achieve full BC graduation.

BC graduation requirements state that students MUST successfully complete:

  • a minimum of 20 courses at grade 10-12
  • at least three grade 12 provincial examinable courses in addition to English 12
  • at least three grade 12 courses in addition to English 12
  • English 10 provincial exam
  • English 11 and 12
  • Math 11
  • Social Studies 11
  • Planning 10
  • Grad Transitions 12
  • PE 10
  • Fine Arts/Applied Skills 10
  • Science 11 (Chemistry, biology, Physics, Earth Science)

Recommendations for students planning to graduate in BC:

  • ESL/English Language Development
  • English – level to be determined as English assessment with application
  • Math – level to be determined upon arrival
  • Social Studies 11 – only recommended for students with high English language ability
  • Sciences – varies according to post secondary institution requirements. Students should consider their post secondary plans when selecting a specific science course
  • Students are also encouraged to join school clubs, teams or fine arts groups, and to take courses that encourage their social interaction, such as PE, Art, Drama or Music classes