For Families

The Vernon School District’s International Program is currently looking for families in the Kalamalka Secondary, WL Seaton, Charles Bloom Secondary, Vernon Secondary and Fulton catchment areas interested in welcoming an international student into their home. As of September 2022, families will receive a $900 stipend per month to help cover food, transportation and other expenses.

All families must be approved, which requires the process of  applying, completing a criminal record check for anyone over 19 living in their home, and a home inspection. While we can’t guarantee you a student every semester, we thoughtfully match you with the student(s) that appear to be the best fit for you! Much depends on the mix of students and their languages, the activity levels of both the student and the family, proximity to school or access to bussing, among other things. So, matching is one of the Homestay Coordinators’ most important tasks, and they look forward to meeting families, and then matching you with one of our incoming students!

Open your doors to a Cultural Experience!

We want you to welcome your student as a new member of your family.  Each student you host is a new personality for you to get to know and grow to appreciate.  Some students are outgoing and independent, and may want to participate fully in your family’s activities, and others are quiet, more reserved, and focused on grades and language learning. Whatever the case, treat your student as you would one of the family, keeping the lines of communication open and most importantly, being yourself and having fun together!

When choosing our host families we look for:

  • Safe, comfortable homes
  • A private bedroom with a window, door, closet, bed, dresser and a desk for studying
  • Close proximity to the school bus or walking distance to schools
  • Ability to provide healthy well-balanced meals and snacks
  • Willingness to provide emotional support in a caring environment
  • Ability to provide transportation
  • Computer and wireless access
  • Diverse and active families willing to share their culture and family life

For further information on the Homestay Program:

Homestay Manual

BC K-12 International Student Homestay Guidelines

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