District #22’s Homestay Program is designed for international students between 12 – 18 years of age who wish to study in one of our public schools here in Vernon.  We welcome students from many different countries to come and live here in our region while they study, so that they can fully experience life in one of the most exciting parts of our country. Students may come for a year of international experience, to be on a path to graduation so they can apply and be accepted into one of our post-secondary schools or sometimes to be immersed in an English speaking environment to help improve their language skills.

Hosting an international student in your home is fun and rewarding.  It takes patience, courage, and a willingness to share your life and your family with your student and their family. You will discover many differences, both cultural and personal, between your family and your student – and that’s where the real joy begins, when you encounter the differences, recognize the similarities, and learn to still live together as a family. The bonds you build together can last a lifetime!

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