ELL Classes get together


ELL classes from Fulton and Kal got together today to learn from each other.

Fred from China

To be completely honest, the only reason that I chose to take school at Charles Bloom was just because I thought the name sounds cool. I had no idea that it is in a small town in the first place, or that the transportation is not that convenient or that my homestay would stop me from speaking Chinese. The first few weeks were difficult, but now my teachers and homestay were encouraged me to go out and make some Canadian friends and hang out with them. Now, after less than a year, I can speak English really well, I know how to respect people in a Western way and what is the polite Canadian way to work with people. I also have a close friend named Justin, who is my neighbor. I don’t know how good Kal or schools in Vernon are, but I love the time I’ve spent in Lumby so far, and will look forward to next year. I love my friends in here, I love my homestay here, I love my teachers in here, especially Reid, I love the people here and I really love the quiet and peace here. All I have to say is, pack up and embrace your new world.

Becky from China

I recommend coming to Bloom because we have an awesome teacher here who is Reid! I chose to come to Bloom because it is a small school which will provide a good start for international students entering Canada. I also appreciate Bloom and Lumby because it is small, teachers will pay more attention to you than other schools, and you will learn English more often. You can also make lots of Canadian friends in Lumby, which is much different than Vernon, which is only 20 minutes away. Lumby students are all really nice and friendly. If you like Chinese food, we have a Chinese restaurant here, or if you want to try some good Canadian food, we have a few Canadian restaurants here as well. Here is the most important thing that I want to tell all the Chinese secretly: 学校小 容易拿分 好毕业 更容易进好的大学

New Golf Academy

We are excited to announce that we have created a Golf Academy for those students who have a special interest in golfing. Students who are enrolled in the Golf Academy can earn credits while pursuing their personal passion of Golf. The Golf Academy offers the opportunity to develop skill and relationships with other students. View the Golf Academy brochure

Mwiza Singogo from Zambia

Living in Vernon as an International student has been a new and brilliant experience because you get to meet new people from all over the world and learn about their cultures. Playing soccer has been great and learning in a different country far away from home which became my 2nd home.

Thi Khanh Ly Tran from Vietnam

It’s almost 9 months since the first day that I came to Vernon. Until now I can believe that Vernon and Fulton high school is the best choice for me to enjoy my perfect adventure abroad schedule.

I arrived at the airport at midnight. My host family were already there to wait for me. We had a warm greeting and left the airport to come back home. They are a Filipion family with five people live in a very beautiful house. We were talking about our hobbies , our family and my long trip for a while and showed me my room, the bath room and gave me some more guide before we all went to sleep to ready for school in the next morning.

Vernon that day is a beautiful city with a nice spring weather. I went to school with my host family and met my international teacher. He led me did a proficiency Math and English exam for a reasonable classification. I met all of the international student at lunch time. They were very friendly welcoming me. A Japanese girl and a German girl led me to take a short tour around Fulton. It’s exactly like what I imagined! Fulton’s classes have full of facilities with two gyms, a very big school yard for football, basketball, a library with thounsand of book and computer, drama class, art class, cooking class, cafeteria and so on. The best thing in here for me is I can selected the subjects that I like. I think that is a pretty effective when I can choose the best course for my career. One more thing that make I love Fulton is the teaching and learning here are focus on practical and not only in theory like in Viet Nam. It is useful to use after graduation. Teachers are just like my friend and they are professional. When I stuck in some problems, they are very en thusiastic for helping me. After the first teem, my marks are good, and I have some more friends. I also got a gold medal for my textiles class.

In some case, I discovered that this place not only good for studying but also good for playing. It has a lot of fun place like Polson Park, Silver Star, Okanagan lake, Davidson Orchards farm through field trips for ESL class every week and trips with my host family. Until now I almost know all of the places in Vernon. Sometimes, I go out to deliver newspapers at the weekend with my host father, stayed at home and play game with my super cute brother or maybe go shopping with my host mother. They are very attentive and help me a lots. Our family are mix from Filipino , Vietnamese and Canadian culture however we are enjoying it by making foods around the whole world and talking about our traditional culture to understand each other. Everything have been happening in a great way.

Being so far away from home was incredibly difficult but I never felt give up because I managed to pass all my classe, have a lot of good friends, a perfect school and an awesome host family. It’s feel like nothing better than it.

Kanchana Pintakapang from Thailand

I think that Vernon is a great place to live and study. Firstly, Vernon is a small and calm city. It is very appropriate for students to live and study. Plus, it also has some entertainment, such as the mall and movie theatre. The students concentrate at school and pay attention to their studies. Moreover, its environment is very nice. Vernon has clear lakes and many hills. Those things allow the students to be happy living and studying in Vernon.

Regina from Mexico

My name is Regina and I have been in Vernon for 10 months. I go to Kalamalka Secondary School and I love it. I am really glad I am here. I am enjoying it so much. My host parents are really nice and I feel safe in my house and at school. I have great friends and I spend a lot of my time with them. I wish I could be here more time.

Chihiro from Japan

My name is Chihiro. I have been living and studying in Vernon, BC for 2 years. I have made a friends and have improved my English. It has been a lot of fun. Next year I will be going back to Japan, but I will never forget this experience.

Carolina Trujillo from Columbia

My Name is Carolina Trujillo and I am from Colombia. Before I came I was very excited because I was coming to Canada, and I would be able to share with people from different countries and cultures. The experience was very good, I think I really learned a lot, not only English, but also you grow as a person, you learn how to be by yourself in a different country, without friends and family, it is very difficult at the beginning, but then you can get use to it and enjoy it. I think it was great the experience, I loved to share with all the different cultures, and people. I came here being only Carolina, but I think I’m coming back home being more than that, a more understandable and responsible person. Thank you for making this possible.