Fred from China

To be completely honest, the only reason that I chose to take school at Charles Bloom was just because I thought the name sounds cool. I had no idea that it is in a small town in the first place, or that the transportation is not that convenient or that my homestay would stop me from speaking Chinese. The first few weeks were difficult, but now my teachers and homestay were encouraged me to go out and make some Canadian friends and hang out with them. Now, after less than a year, I can speak English really well, I know how to respect people in a Western way and what is the polite Canadian way to work with people. I also have a close friend named Justin, who is my neighbor. I don’t know how good Kal or schools in Vernon are, but I love the time I’ve spent in Lumby so far, and will look forward to next year. I love my friends in here, I love my homestay here, I love my teachers in here, especially Reid, I love the people here and I really love the quiet and peace here. All I have to say is, pack up and embrace your new world.