Marina Fernanda Silva de Oliveira from Brazil

Hi, My name is Marina Fernanda Silva de Oliveira, I’m sixteen years old and I’m from Brazil. I did an exchange program in Vernon, BC during November, 14 until January, 26, 2012. I chose to come to Canada, because I always heard amazing things about the country and because I wanted to learn more English. And I can say that Canada impressed me and everything was better than I expected. I really enjoyed my stay in Canada, It was so good! There were a lot of reasons why I felt this way. But the first and the most important reason was my host home. My host parents were amazing and really nice with me. I always felt that I was in my own home. The school was pretty good too. I went to Clarence Fulton Secondary School in the 11 grade and I loved it. All teachers, staff and students are really cool and friendly and the school did a lot of fun activites with the international students. I did friends here who I never will forget! I think I was lucky for choose go to Canada, because besides canadians who I met, I met lot of people who are from many different countries like Mexico, Columbia, Korea, China and India. This is the one of the wonderful things about Canada, here you can meet people of the whole world, then you can know about many cultures. I loved Canada!